Los Angeles, California – 1969


   Burned Fender Stratocaster – Shrine Auditorium,  Los Angeles, 1969

1969 was an interesting time to be alive in Los Angeles. Running into artists, actors and rockers was an everyday deal – something we all took for granted. Folk rock was happening in Santa Monica, John Mayall lived up in Laurel Canyon and you could see Canned Heat trying to surf at Topanga. They were shooting Pretty Maids All in a Row at my high school, weed cost $10 an ounce and The Byrds were playing at the Ash Grove.

I’d just turned sixteen and Hendrix was booked at the Shrine Auditorium. In spite of the cool weather, it was an oven inside – all the doors were open, heat pouring out into the cool February night. The show was amazing – it was the Electric Ladyland tour and my ears were ringing for two days.

Jimi opened the show without the band, launching into a beautiful arpeggio – as the passage hit a crescendo, he stopped and laughed in pure delight -it was that kind of show. The next morning Kathy Wolf and I went back downtown to the Shrine to see if the band was breaking down or if we could find any interesting artifacts – a poster, a pick – anything. The auditorium was locked up tight but around back at the loading dock there was a beat up truck – and in the back was a burned Stratocaster.

As always, I had my camera. Let me know if you’d like a print. Open edition, signed (verso), 11X17″ $200

About John Durant

Professional photographer in California
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1 Response to Los Angeles, California – 1969

  1. Joan Gannij says:

    You continue to surprise me even when you’ve disappointed me. What a pic. What a story. Thank you. JD.

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