Panteón de Santa Rosalillita – Baja California

Panteón de Santa Rosalillita - Baja California

Something about Mexico is best left unspoken. It’s clear, almost obvious. To an American traveling south looking into death’s steady gaze can be unsettling. Best not to linger too long while the winter sun drops below the coastal range.

Ray Bradbury may have said it best, in 1948. “There was a smell of death all through Mexico you never got away from, no matter how far you went. No matter what you said or did, not even if you laughed or drank, did you ever get away from death in Mexico. No car went fast enough. No drink was strong enough.”

645 B&W negative: Kodak T-Max 100; R25 + polarizer. December 1998.

About John Durant

Professional photographer in California
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