Jim Hubbell’s Skunkworks

ImageJames Hubbell – in the workshop, Santa Ysabel California

You could call Jim Hubbell an artist, but you’d have to stretch the definition to cover drawing, painting, sculpture, architecture, stained glass work, mosaics, jewelry, poetry and philosophy – and that may only be a partial list of his interests and talents. Any one of those job descriptions would, in Jim’s case, have to contain definitions of all the others. If you don’t know Hubbell’s work, consider this an introduction – here’s a link to my site: http://tinyurl.com/kju2psk

A lot has already been said about Jim, his architecture and his artwork so maybe I should just let him tell you – this is part of the artist’s statement from his Oceanside Museum of Art retrospective earlier this year. It addresses art in general and his sculpture specifically.

For me it is the dance between the light and its shadows, the volume of the whole sculpture coming and going. How an edge will separate the two planes, soften the edge and eye rolls easily into the shadow. It is a discipline that deals with real materials, occupies real space and yet can speak about the unknowable – James Hubbell, 2013

I shot this portrait of Jim in his Santa Ysabel workshop in the summer of 2012 as part of his Oceanside Museum of Art retrospective catalogue. The entire portfolio of catalogue photos lives on my website in the archive at: www.johndurant.com

About John Durant

Professional photographer in California
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