Hollywood, California


Mt. Lee, looking southeast toward downtown Los Angeles

My mom met my dad on the MGM lot in 1945. He was a film editor and she was a Goldwyn Girl. They were married in 1950 and both continued working in the business for the rest of their lives. I grew up on the beach in Santa Monica but Hollywood provided the day-care. I could run a 35mm Movieola by age ten, and seeing various stars and producers in various states was routine at our house – which was once 1920’s film star George Bancroft’s beach getaway. I grew up around cameras: big 35mm Arriflex movie cameras that sat on huge Mitchell fluid heads, the handsome, ungainly Rollieflex twins and neat compact Leicas. My romance with photography was part of my education. I shot this panorama of Hollywood from the top of Mt. Lee with a Hasselblad X-Pan II on color negative film. From that vantage point it’s easy to imagine John Huston pulling up at Musso’s for a drink before dinner, or Humphrey Bogart having a smoke with Nicholas Ray.

About John Durant

Professional photographer in California
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2 Responses to Hollywood, California

  1. timm says:

    Cool perspective of that famous landmark! What an interesting upbringing.

  2. I saw the image and read your post on wordpress last night – GREAT direction for the work, really! Same lineage, but widening the horizon, and telling a story about something increasingly rare in the land of 1% who can afford to live on the SoCal coast.

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