Decomposed Granite

Cabeza de Ballena 3

Below the point

D.G. is geologist’s shorthand for decomposed granite – a technical sounding name for the state of solid rock on its way to becoming sand. Coarse and sharp, D.G. makes beautiful, deeply textured beaches. The sand grains are so big they don’t stick to anything (you can put your camera down in it) and it crunches when you walk. Because of that quality, the ocean is usually as clear as Plexiglas on those beaches, but as a rock surface it’s about as stable as a million ball bearings. Walking on D.G. is like waking on snow – if snow was really hard and sharp. Cabeza de Ballena is composed entirely of this granular igneous rock and I climbed all over it for five days in February – getting thoroughly acquainted with its texture and sensation via a couple of hard falls and a dozen slips and scrapes. And it’s still one of my favorite places on earth.           ISO 100 – 1/60 @ f/11.5

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Professional photographer in California
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